Showman Prem's DK movie mega live report


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hudgi hathra hero agbeku illa andre villain agbeku illa andre pyad madkabidthare...prems sisya asks what is shows whisper hoarding and tyells that is pyaad

Galige .... How is the movie so faar... Boring or enter training..[emoji40]


shobhraj entry...vichithra getup...avnge baidhavrgella dhuddu kodthane...

Same character of Shobharaj where we will pay for the people who scoulds him in some ravichandran movie in which shruti has acted
heroine dk kaili thaali tyells thaali kattaithalla barthini...heroine tyells thaali katbitre pirst night Yar madkothare...prem nicely enjaays and then tyells i dont know who are you...


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All are waiting for sunny Leone's song like huch naayis...

Prame's kal badi maga .. Sunny song first aap nale mugidhu hodre jana edhu hontoitare Antha second aap madagavne ...[emoji109] Sunny song na ... [emoji108]