uttara kannada district political gains...

In Uttara kannada Disrict.Firstly in last assembly election all parties i.e Congress,Jd(s) and BJP had won 2 seats each in uttara kannada district.The winners were

Kumta - Dinakar keshava shetty Jd(s)
karwar - Anand Asnotikar Congress
Bhatkal - JD Naik Congress
haliyala - Sunil hegde Jd(s)
yellapur - VS Patil BJP
Sirsi - Vishweshara hegde kageri BJP

Comming to each seat

kumta - Jd(s) candidate Dinkar keshava shetty had won this seat last time by a margin of just 20 votes. Congress candidate was his brother mohan shetty and BJP candidate Shashibhushan hegde. All the three candidate had scored 28 thousand votes here. So we could term it as a fierce triangular contest.But few years back influential congress leader Mohan shetty(2-3 times mla) expired.Congress has not been able to find a candidature of his level from party.Only today shashibhushan hegde of BJP who had unsucessfully contested for last two times resigned from BJP.Sources say he is going to join jd(s) on 21st of this month in convention when HDK visits kumta.And Shashibhushan is aspiring to contest from sirsi(will come to this later). Additionally Dinakar shetty seems to have taken his leader role(i.e HDK role) and has been doing gramavasthavya.he has done around 15 grama vasthavya till date.And Jd(s) seem to have done good progress as far as building sound organization here.So this time it looks like a Jd(s) seat unless a strong wave hits against him.

Sirsi - Vishweshara hegde is a very strong candidate here.There are many candidates for congress,but it looks like they might go for Bhima naik. Jd(s) has not yet decided on candidate and they dont seem to have a strong candidate either till recently.but Shashibhushan hegde a relative of Late ramakrishna hegde is joining jd(s) on 22 and is said to be jd(S) candidate here. he had contested from kumto unsucessfully wice in 2004 and 2008.kageri has been considered most honest person,a RSS strongman and has been credited for shifting many departments from karwar to sirsi.(This has also created backlash in karwar). Even in Zilla panchayath when most of UK district voted for congress sirsi strongly backed the BJP men.But if Shashibhushan hegde cuts into kageri's vote then we might see a triangular contest.but Can he do so?just the tag of being Ramkrishna hegde relative bring him votes?I doubt it.So in all probablity kageri might still retain the seat albeit with less margin.He had won with huge margin of 30 thousand votes last time.This time it may come to 5-8 thousand.But Still this might go to BJP only.

Rest i will add later


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kumta - JDS is having better chance to win. In 2008, SP had 8% of vote. Hope atleast 4% will move to JDS due to Madhu B.

haliyala - JDS and INC will have good fight.

Karwar - Anand will contest from INC. He will win