Yuvarathna Movie - Puneeth Rajkumar, Sayyeshaa- Dir: Santosh Ananddram - Hombale Films - Shooting


1st time Watching feels something is missing. 2nd time feels good.3rd time watching will make you addicted. That is the power of Santhosh.
Could had avoided too much of black Tee Shirts for Appu which will not suit him much. In More than four occasions in Trailer Appu is in black Tee Shirt.


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He should concentrate on his make over.Now a days appearance also matter.They have used too much of black dress in this movie which will not suit his looks.I also felt the same thing.We has a fan will accept him in any makeover & attire. Others will try to pull him back taking this matter & will speak negatively about his looks. Rajanikanth at this age always tries to look smart with makeup & other things.Why can't Appu. He is 100% better than Rajanikanth Naturally.
This is what I said every fans want ter hero's to have new look live rajinikanth vijay & ntr was looking more bad b4 after makeover they all looking good as I know only Prem's & D Rajendra Babu gave good look to appu makeover hogde idru beda light agi beard bidli Ade shaved look Ella movies allu idre yaar nodtare shivanna during 2001-02 heng idru Jogi admele look change madudru mufthi li look karabagitu our directors not utilizing appu properly avru saridre nam hero's Ello hogtidru it's totally my opinion illu bere avru negativity hudukbedi